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Kentaro Sakaguchi

so cute

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Corps ~ Vladimir Veličković 2007


Corps ~ Vladimir Veličković 2007

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Deep Shit

Running time: 10’30”
Release (date): maart 2012
Director: Martin Draax
Script: Martin Draax
Key animation: Studio Urrebuk: Sander Alt, Michiel Wesselius, Daan Faudet, Ramon Oranje
Producer(s): Arnoud Rijken, Patrick Raats voor Photon Films
Music by: Martin Draax. Performed by The Spinshots
Foley and effects: Jeroen Nadorp, Bob Kommer Studios
Compositing: Sander Alt, Jan Woudenberg, Balder Westein
Miscellaneous: een Photon Films productie
Line producer: Patrick Raats

Dutch!! and something my teacher worked on, martin draax!!

Just watch it and love it. My teacher is also at the end of this little movie!!!



I feel like this must  be shared. 

H.R. Giger’s Art in Motion.

EASY glasses


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does it?

I had the weirdest dream today.. this dream, this vision of what yet to come… it made me realize, that I’m never enough.. that there is always someone to replace me.. that even though I’m not the only one who feels pain and my pain isn’t as bad as someone else’s. Isn’t it still my pain, I can’t feel another’s pain, the only pain I know is mine. And for me it’s the worst. But does it matter to others? Does my pain matter to you? Because until now, it seems that my pain is utterly useless compared to another’s pain. Eventually we will only come in second to another..

The only thing I can do is make myself come first, when I’m willing and if I’m willing to do so